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We thought the sites we list here were interesting or entertaining.  We're very happy to recommend them here but of course we cannot guarantee in any way their contents.


Access to Energy, our favorite newsletter by Prof. Dr. Art Robinson, on energy, honesty, home schooling, climate change, politics and much more !

Medical research

The Oregon Institute of Science and Medecine
If Nobel Prizes were given to those who really deserve them then Prof. Dr. Art Robinson (again) should no doubt have received two a long time ago.  Please look into his research work, and if you live in the U.S.A. consider giving him a helping hand.


Ludwig von Mises, the greatest economist of all times, his books and much much more on the website of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.


Abandoned places:

Great photographers

Jacques Kevers
Claire Latouche
Ivo Pervan

Photography club:

Brussels Miroir, Association photographique

Climate change

Science and Environment Project

Live air traffic flight tracker


Julian L. Simon

His website and his magnum opus Ultimate Resource II for those who really want to know what to make of the doomsayers and their dire predictions.

Paris like you never saw the city before

Click on any coloured square


Humor: Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome and the funniest unknown book in the world: Augustus Carp Esq by Himself by Sir Henry Howarth Bashford.

Instead of listening to silly radio programs, you can download hundreds of books read for you by the Librivox.org volunteers and listen to them, all free of charge.  A really marvelous project.
Or you can become a volunteer yourself: choose a book (that is in the public domain) and read it to your recorder also for the enjoyment of others.

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