T. Stachowski on the Katyn Forest massacre

T. Stachowski on the Katyn Forest massacre

his report on the unveiling
of the Katyn memorial, says
that the massacre of the 14,500
Polish prisoners of war took
place in Poland in 1940.  The
year is correct, the place how-
ever is in Russia in the district
of Smolensk to be precise.

    May I add, for the benefit of
those who still doubt whether
the crime was committed by the
Russians, that in Poland of
today all Nazi crimes are com-
memorated by a memorial of
one sort or another, but not the
Katyn.  Should I say any more ?
Perhaps only this, that in War-
saw there is a little park with
trees planted by the Russians as
a symbol of friendship.  It is
called (unofficially of course !)
the Katyn Forest. — T.
STACHOWSKI, London, S.W.4.

Source: the (London, U.K.) Sunday Telegraph, 26 September 1973.
Recommended reading: "Rendez-vous at Katyn", a novel by Foster Furcolo,
published in 1973 by Marlborough House, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts.

In fact the massacre of these 14,500 Polish officers was only part one of the subjugation of Poland.  At the end of the war with the Soviet armies closing in on Warsaw the Polish underground awaited the signal of the Russians to start the Warsaw Uprising to help eject the Nazis from their country.  The Soviets gave the signal and then sat back and waited while the Germans did the dirty work for them.  Furcolo in his book tells us more about that and touches on plenty of other aspects of this horrendous crime.

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