The logic of creation

A letter published by the London Times, 15 Dec. 1981

The logic of creation

From Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe

The doctrine of Darwinism taught uncritically as a fact and with blind faith by its adherents has in mv view done more harm to the progress of science than any medieval dogma.  It is equally true that several demonstrably wrong assertions made by many creationists do serious damage and discredit to empirical science.  Yet the concept of creation itself is not necessarily outside the purview of empirical science.

The idea that life was put together by random shuffling of constituent molecules can be shown (in the words of Sir Fred Hoyle) to be "as ridiculous and improbable as the proposition that a tornado blowing through a junk yard may assemble a Boeing 747".  The aircraft had a creator and so might life.  The possibility that life had a cosmic genetic engineer for a creator, one that emerged naturally according to the laws of physics within the Universe, is a logical option that cannot be lightly dismissed.

Yours faithfully,
Department of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy,
University College,
PO Box 78,
Cardiff. December 10.

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