The Robinson family

The Robinson family

In the early 1980s we got hold of a book called "The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear" by the late and much regretted Dr. Petr Beckmann.  (He died on 3 August 1993.)  That book was a real revelation for us.  So we signed up for his newsletter "Access to Energy".  It kept and still keeps its readers informed on the nuclear debate and related issues.  And we loved it for its invaluable information and for his humor.

Before his untimely demise Dr. Beckmann transferred his newsletter to Dr. Arthur Robinson who we realized was the co-author of "Fighting Chance".  The readers of Access to Energy soon found out that Dr Beckmann had made a very wise decision for his newsletter.

They learned about home schooling, about the scientific work going on at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medecine, the climate change scam, the Petition that opposed the Kyoto Climate Protocol and much much more.

Corrupt politicians get away with robbery and murder because too many people don't want to get mixed up in politics.  So many people know best what's best for the country; they know the manager of the store is robbing its owners but they can't be bothered to help them to get him replaced.

In 2010 Dr. Arthur Robinson was the Republican Candidate for Congress against corrupt Democrat carreer politician DeFazio.  He lost and immediately announced he would be running again in 2012.  It is of course no easy matter to unseat a carreer politician because he uses tax payer money for his election campaign and he gets a lot of money from the special interests he served instead of the the legitimate interests of his voters.

And then Matthew one of Arthur's sons registered as a Democrat so that he could run against DeFazio in the Democratic primary in 2012.  DeFazio and the Democrat Party are a little uneasy about this because Matthew even though only 24 years old might have a lot going for him.  For one thing he and his brothers and sister were home schooled.  They put together a very successful curriculum for home schooling that sells very well.  And he earned his BS in chemistry in a mere two years at Oregon State University, graduating summa cum laude.

Matthew challenged DeFazio to two debates and the latter agreed to a "forum" providing
1 that only the DeFazio camp would be allowed to distribute the tickets
2 that Matthew would be given only 1/4th of the time to speak
3 that the candidates would not be allowed to debate or question each other
4 that the moderator of this "debate" be chosen by DeFazio.

If that's not short-changing then what is...

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