Fall in standards of education
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Fall in standards of education

Here follows a letter from Prof. Hugh Lloyd-Jones which the London Daily Telegraph published on 17 November 1977.
Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones, born in 1922, was Regius Professor of Greek at Oxford University from 1960 till 1989.

Fall in Standards

Fall in standards of


From Prof. Hugh LLOYD-JONES

SIR—A report (Nov. 12) mentions
that university teachers are on an
average 17.8 per cent worse off than
in 1970.  The senior among them, who
are the hardest hit, are still worse off
than that.
   Until lately some of us could sup-
plement our pay by teaching in
America during periods of leave
for one used to be able to escape
taxation on such earnings provided
they were brought over after the end
of the financial year in which they
had been earned.
   Now these earnings also are subject
to tax, so that the game is hardly
worth the candle.  Indeed, many
people will conclude that it is not,
so that the Treasury will lose more
than it will gain by the alteration of
the rules.
   What used to be one of the best
educational systems in the world is
now falling to pieces.  The State
schools are rapidly getting worse,
thanks to the actions of those who
see education simply as an instru-
ment for social levelling.
   The independent schools are being
destroyed by those who grudge others
the right to spend their money on
their children's education.  The trans-
fer of purchasing power from the
educated to the uneducated is result-
ing in a rapid fall in standards.
   Naturally the brain drain flows
ever faster; naturally many of the
best scholars are departing.  Before
long we shall have very few distin-
guished sholars left.
   Socialism in Britain owes much of
its strength to the virulent class
hatred which its adherents never
cease to fan.  But even class hatred
is less harmful than the hatred felt
by the stupid, the ignorant, the
philistine for the intelligent, the well-
informed, the civilised.

Christ Church, Oxford.

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