The Van Hootegem / Van Ooteg(h)em family from St-Laureins in East-Flanders, BelgiumDeze blz in het nederlands

VII     Jacobus Francies Van Hootegem

fs. Judocus Bernard (VI a) Van Hootegem and Angelina Mobelis

° Sint-Laureins 19.12.1821
x Sint-Laureins 1.8.1861 Marie Theresia Vanhulle
† Sint-Laureins 16.6.1895

He was an innkeeper.

Marie Therese was the daughter of Ferdinand Van Hulle and Theresia Ryckaert.  She was born in Sint-Laureins on 26.4.1840 and died there on 31.8.1908.

The children of Jacob Francies and Maria Theresia Van Hulle:

  1. Theresia Laurentia Vanhootegem
    ° 10.10.1861 Sint-Laureins
    Left for Sint-Amandsberg on 2.7.1879
    One child:
    • Marie Louise Vanhootegem
      ° Sint-Laureins 2.1.1884
      † Sint-Laureins 22.4.1951
      Married in Sint-Laureins on 17.11.1902 to André Vandevoorde who was born in Sint-Laureins on 12.2.1873 and died in Ghent on 30.7.1940.
      • Henri Joseph Vanhootegem
        ° Sint-Laureins 5.6.1902
        Left for Eede in 1923.  Eede is a town just across the Belgian-Dutch border in Zeeland.
      • Maurice Marie Vandevoorde
        ° Sint-Laureins 5.5.1904
        Left for Sint Kruis (Holy Cross) in Zeeland on 16.3.1921
      • Leonie Angèle Marie Vandevoorde
        ° Sint-Laureins 27.1.1908
        Left for Ghent on 11.10.1933.
  2. Leonie Vanhootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 17.9.1863
    Left for the proud and beautiful city of Ghent on 27.5.1881.
  3. Henrica Vanhootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 14.6.1866
    † 16.3.1929 Sint-Laureins.
    Married in Sint-Laureins on 5.9.1893 to Petrus Vergauwe who was born in Sint-Laureins on 31.12.1846 and died there on 15.3.1927.  He was the son of Charles Vergauwe and Marie Th. Staelens.
    Petrus was first married in Sint-Laureins on 13.4.1888 to Marie Sophie Declercq (who was born there on 7.12.1835 and who died there on 4.11.1892).
    • Emil Marie Vergauwe
      ° 17.1.1894 Sint-Laureins
      Left for Elsene (Ixelles) on 22.11.1919.
    • Magdalena Marie Vergauwe
      ° Sint-Laureins 5.6.1897
    • Georgius Leopoldus Vergauwe
      ° Sint-Laureins 4.9.1900
      Married in Sint-Laureins on 16.11.1927 to Germaine Schelstraete who was born there on 12.8.1902 and who died in Eeklo on 31.7.1999.
      † Sint-Laureins 29.10.1955
  4. Renilde Marie Vanhootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 9.7.1867
    Left for Ghent on 22.2.1883.
  5. Prudentia Maria Vanhootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 6.3.1870
    Left for Ghent on 4.5.1888.
  6. Sophie Vanhootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 31.8.1872
    Sophie emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1900 with her daughter Augusta Emma Maria Vanhootegem born in Sint-Laureins on 20.1.1900.  Here you may view a copy of the Sophie's birth certificate and here we have a copy of the birth certificate of her daughter Augusta.  Sophie and August Noë were "united in holy matrimony" on 22 August 1910 in Annawan, Illinois.  Here, thanks to Judy McDowell, you will find more on their wedding.
    Sophie had to undergo a surgical intervention on 2 November 1930 and passed away in Moline, Illinois on the next day.  Two funeral cards were made for the mourners, one in Dutch and the other one in English; you'll find them here.  August died on 17 June 1946.  His funeral card is bilingual.
    Was Augusta the daughter of August Noë ?  On 10 February 1910 Sophie boarded the S.S. Lapland in Antwerp bound for New York to return to her... husband says Eug. Venesoen.  Except that she was only married to August six months later.  However that may be, she was accompanied, always according to the report of Mr. Venesoen, by her daughter, Augusta Noé.  (He also knew she took with her the princely sum of 150 franks.  Would that have been about 4 U.S. dollars ?)
    Gustie as Augusta was called in the U.S.A. married Peter Mussche.  Gustie passed away on 24 September 1988.  Her date of birth on her prayer card is not correct.
    Let's hope we'll soon have more news on her, her husband Peter and their 5 children.
    Sophie and August had two children who were born in the U.S.A.: here are the details on Margareth Noe and Frank Noe.
  7. Emma Maria Vanhootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 13.5.1875
    Left for Ghent on 16.11.1890.
  8. Natalie Rosalie Marie Vanhootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 8.2.1878
    † Sint-Laureins 2.4.1886
  9. Jules Vanhootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 2.5.1879
    x Kaprijke 26.4.1911 Leonie De Jaeger.
    Leonie was born in Kaprijke on 21.1.1877.
    He was for a while farmer in the Vlotweg 2 in Sint-Laureins (1910) but on 27.6.1910 they left for Leeuwergem.  And on 27 December 1920 they left for the U.S.A.
    We know more about Julius and Leona as they were called in America thanks to the work of Judi Paustian McDowell, a Find-a-Grave volunteer who is married to a Van Hootegem descendant.
    Julius had been a resident of Moline for the last 31 years when he died in his home there on 15 February 1944 and Leona died at 2:15 in the morning in Moline Public Hospital on 10 Oct. 1951.  The prayer cards of Julius and Leonie.
    They had three sons:
    • Edward
      His birth certificate states Eduard De Jaeger was born in Kaprijke on 3.3.1902.
      In the borderline to the left of the text of the actual birth certificate was written: "Eduard De Jaeger wose birth certificate appears besides this, has been legalised by the subsequent wedding of his father and mother Jules Vanhootegem and Leonie De Jaeger today, acted before us.  Caprycke the twenty sixth April nineteen hundred and eleven.  The Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages."
      ° Kaprijke 3.3.1902
      x Mary Roose VanHootegem
      † Moline, Illinois 30.6.1970
    • Raymond VanHootegem
    • Staff Sergeant Henry VanHootegem
    Someone by the name of Julius Van Hooteghem was born in St-Laureins on 2.5.1879, was married to Leonie De Jaeger and died in Moline, Illinois on 15.2.1944.  Could it be that we're talking here about one and the same person ?
  10. Emile Vanhootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 2.5.1879
    Left for Leeuwergem on 29.11.1908.
«The Van Hootegem / Van Ooteg(h)em family
from St.-Laureins in the Meetjesland in Belgium»,
by Mr. Jozef Dobbelaere
with important additions by Mr. Aloïs van den Oever,
an article published in «De Levensboom» (The Tree of Life),
2007, 20th year, # 1.
De Levensboom is the quarterly periodical of the V.V.F. Meetjesland
(Flemish Association for Genealogy, Meetjesland Section).
Levensboom logo

Many thanks also to Mrs. Marie-Christine Vandevelde:
she brought the report of Mr. Venesoen to our attention.

The father of Jacobus Francies, Judocus Bernard (VI a) Van Hootegem

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