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August Noe

son of Francies (B VII b) and Ursula Mussche

° Ursel 24/4/1868
x Kaprijke 8/6/1898, Marie Louise Van De Wattijne
xx Annawan, Illinois 22/8/1910 Sophie Van Hootegem
† Moline, Illinois 17/6/1946.

August married in Kaprijke on 8/6/1898 with Marie Louise Van De Wattijne, the daughter of August Van De Wattijne and Rosalie Van Herreweghe.  She was born in Kaprijke on 17/7/1871.  She was a labourer.

On 2/4/1899 in Kaprijke she gave birth to a girl called Clara Maria.
In 2012 we discovered the United States Census of 1900 which gives the following address as the "Event Place" for August, Marie Louise and Clara: ED 94 Moline Township, Election Precinct 1 Moline city Ward 1, Rock Island, Illinois, United States.

Clara passed away in Moline Rock Island on 22/7/1900.  And Marie Louise died at the Eindeken quarter of Kaprijke on 14/12/1901.

August Noe
August Noe (by courtesy of Mrs. Judi McDowell).

Until 2007 we had no idea what happened next to August (and his daughter).  Neither did we know anything about a letter dated July 28, 1989 from Mr. Robert J. Noe from Rock Island, Illinois addressed to the City Clerk of Ursel requesting a copy of August's birth certificate.  The mayor, A. Schrans, signed the certified copy of the document on 8 August 1989 and it was sent off.
Fast forward to 20 February 2007 when we received an e-mail from Sara Noe Coblin, all the way from sunny California: she had found this here website.  In due course a copy of the birth certificates of August and of his mother Ursula Mussche as well as a copy of August's funeral card followed.

From this prayer card we learned that he was the widower of Sophie Van Hootegem when he passed away in Moline, Illinois on 17 June 1946.

Sophie and her husband August Noe
Sophie and her husband August Noe

Sophie was born in St. Laureins on 31 August 1872.  She was the sixth of the nine children of Jacobus Francies Van Hootegem and Marie Therese Van Hulle, innkeepers in Sint-Laureins.
Jacobus Francies was the seventh child of Judocus Bernardus and Angelina Mobelis.
Judocus Bernardus was the fifth child of Jan Theodoor Van Ootegem and Maria Jacoba Plasschaert.
Jan Theodoor was the second child of Judocus Van Ootegem and Elisabeth Leuntjens.
Judocus was the seventh child of Peter Van Ootegem and Anthonette De Vos.

The Venesoen Reports tell us that August returned to America on the "Zeeland" on 4/4/1903, that he was from Eeklo, that he was then 35 years old, farmer.  He returned to Moline, Illinois where he worked in a foundry and earned 2 dollars a day.  He had 75 franks, spoke Flemish and a little English.

The Sint-Laureins Population Service wrote to us also about Sophie's daughter called Augusta Emma Van Hootegem born on 20 January 1900 and that Sophie left that same year for the U.S.A.  We don't really know who Augusta's father was.

Gustie as Augusta was called in the U.S.A. married Peter Mussche and they had five children.  Gustie passed away on 24 September 1988.  Her date of birth on her prayer card is not correct.  We see that here on her birth certificate.  We wonder if there was a family relationship between Peter and Ursula Mussche, August's mother.

Neither do we know where and when August and Sophie first met.  But now (2012), thanks to Judi McDowell we can show you here their wedding certificate: they were "united in holy matrimony" on 22 August 1910 in Annawan, Illinois.  The witnesses were Peter Mussche and Mary De Mey.  The Rev. J. Berrez, the pastor of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Annawan, officiated the wedding.

Wedding certificate of August Noe and Sophie Van Hootegem

Sophie had to undergo a surgical intervention on 2 November 1930 and passed away in Moline, Illinois on the next day.  August also died there but almost sixteen years later on 17 June 1946.  Here is his bilingual funeral card.  See here for two pictures of Sophie and here we have her two prayer cards, one in Dutch, the other in English.

August and Sophie had two children in the U.S.A.:

  1. Margaret Noe
    Tampico, Whiteside County, Illinois ° 22 May 1911.
    Margaret Noe Click here or on this marvelous picture
    for a larger copy.
    On 9 Oct. 1940 she married Russell Harry McDowell in Clinton, Iowa.
    Wedding photograph of Margaret and Russell Click here or on the picture
    for... the whole picture.
    Margaret was a homemaker.  She enjoyed crocheting, cooking and crafts.
    She was also a member of the Altar and Rosary Society at the church and Geneseo Eagles.
    After Sophie's death in November 1930, August went to live with Margaret and Russell.  Their home was an old boxcar from a train which was located around Joslin, Illinois.  Russell died on 20 June 1992 in Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois and Margaret died at Forest Hill Health and Rehabilitation, East Moline on 30 May 1998.
    They have a son and three grandchildren.
  2. Frank R. Noe
    Thomas, Bureau County, Illinois ° 23 October 1912
    August, Sophie, Gusty, Margaret and Frank lived together in Tampico, Illinois.  August worked as a section hand on the "Q" as the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad was called.  As a section hand, he helped build and repair railroad tracks.  It was very hard, manual labor and didn't pay well.  In fact, they were a very poor family.  So around age 11 or 12, Frank moved to the nearest big city, Rock Island, Illinois.  He lived with a family and worked at their grocery store in order to pay his rent.  He also went to school at the same time.  Around age 13 or 14 Frank stopped going to school and started working full time.
    On 5 August 1936 Frank married Evelyn T. Pepping at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Rock Island.  She was born in Moline, Rock Island, Illinois on 15 October 1915, a daughter of John Pepping Jr. (1862 - 1917) en Grace (Gannon) Pepping (1894 - 1967).  She had graduated from St. Joseph's High School, Rock Island.  In her early years, she had worked for the former People's Power Co., Deere and Company and for Royal Neighbors of America.
    Frank worked for 45 years as an audit analyst for the former International Harvester Corp., Farmall Works, Rock Island, retiring in 1974.
    He died at Trinity Medical Center, West Campus, Rock Island County, Illinois on 7 March 2002.
    Evelyn died unexpectedly on Friday, 29 August 2008 also at Trinity Medical Center.
    They have 2 sons and 1 daughter and 8 grandchildren.
  3. Raymond Noe
    ° Fairfield Township, Bureau County (Illinois) 6/10/1915
    † 31/1/1916.
Margaret and Frank Noe
Margaret Noe and her brother Frank

We are most grateful to Mrs. Sara Noe Coblin and to Judi McDowell
for the photographs above and for much of the above information.
Many thanks also to Mrs. Marie-Christine Vandevelde:
she discovered the U.S. Census of 1900.
We are also very grateful to Mr. Jozef Dobbelaere
for information on the ancestors of Sophie Van Hootegem in his excellent article
"The Van Hootegem / Van Ooteg(h)em Family, a Sint Laureins clan"
published by De Levensboom (Tree of Life), 2007, 20th year of publication, number 1.
De Levensboom is the quarterly magazine of the VVF Meetjesland.
VVF is the Dutch abbreviation for Flemish Genealogy Association.

August's father, Francies Noë (B VII b)
The Musche family
Jacobus Francies Van Hootegem, Sophie's father

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