The Van Hootegem / Van Ooteg(h)em family from St-Laureins in East-Flanders, BelgiumDeze blz in het nederlands

IV     Judocus Van Hootegem

seventh child of Peter Van Ootegem and Anthonette De Vos

° Sint-Laureins 7.10.1712
x Sint-Laureins 10.4.1742 Elisabeth Leuntjens
† Sint-Laureins 16.10.1777

Elisabeth Leuntjens was born in Sint-Laureins on 5.9.1716.  She was the daughter of Peter Leuntjens and Florentia Claeys.  She was married in Sint-Laureins on 30.4.1741 to Noë Roelof.  Noë died childless in Sint-Laureins on 26.5.1741.  He was only 23 years old.

Elisabeth died in Sint-Laureins on 28.3.1780.  On 30 March 1780 she was buried and the burial certificate states that she was the widow of Judocus Van Ootegem after his second wedding.

The children of Judocus Van Ootegem and Elisabeth Leuntjens:

  1. Anna Maria Van Ootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 15.1.1743
    x Sint-Laureins 1.5.1770 Petrus Willems
    † Sint-Laureins 11.2.1813
    She was a spinner.
    Petrus was born in Sint-Laureins ca. 1735.  He died there on 23.11.1781 (46 yrs).
    Three children were mentioned in the estate reckonings (Ambacht Maldegem) of 19.10.1782: Jan Baptiste Willems (9 years), Pieter Joannes Willems (5 years) and Anna Catharina Willems (16 months).  The paternal ward was Joannes Theodorus Van Hootegem.
    Anna Maria Van Ootegem remarried with Pierre Ponseele who was born in Oedelem ca. 1753.
  2. Jan Theodoor Van Ootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 23.4.1745
    x Sint-Laureins 2.5.1774 Maria Jacoba Plasschaert
    Adegem 10.6.1822
  3. Peter Jan Van Ootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 9.2.1749
    x Sint-Laureins 1.5.1775 Anna Catharina Nevejans
    † Sint-Laureins 12.4.1808
    Anna Catharina was born in Maldegem on 19.4.1747 and died after 1808.
    Their children:
    • Peter Josef Van Ootegem
    • Jan Frans Van Ootegem
    • Jacob Frans Van Ootegem
  4. Frans Bernard Van Ootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 3.1.1751
    † Sint-Laureins 11.5.1752
  5. Joanna Catharina Van Ootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 20.5.1753
    † Sint-Laureins 29.6.1753
  6. Bernard Van Ootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 2.5.1754
    † Sint-Laureins 7.7.1754
  7. Anna Van Ootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 30.10.1755
    x Sint-Laureins 2.6.1778 Peter Van den Driessche
    † Sint-Laureins 11.5.1819
    Peter was born in Maldegem on 22.10.1754.  He died in Sint-Laureins.
    Their children: Peter Bernard, Maria Cornelia, Joanna, Jacob, Anna, Jan, Anna, Ferdinand and Maria Carolina.
  8. Bernard Van Ootegem
    ° Sint-Laureins 23.6.1758
    † Sint-Laureins 21.8.1758
«The Van Hootegem / Van Ooteg(h)em family
from St.-Laureins in the Meetjesland in Belgium»,
by Mr. Jozef Dobbelaere
with important additions by Mr. Aloïs van den Oever,
an article published in «De Levensboom» (The Tree of Life),
2007, 20th year, # 1.
De Levensboom is the quarterly periodical of the V.V.F. Meetjesland
(Flemish Association for Genealogy, Meetjesland Section).
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Judocus' father, Peter Van Ootegem (III)

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