The Windey family coming from the Waasland in East-Flanders, BelgiumDeze blz in het nederlands

Augustinus Wiendy

fs. Petrus Bernardus Windhey and Maria Van De Rostijne

° Kaprijke (Grote Voorstraat) 24 Feb. 1834
x St-Margriete 26 Sept. 1863 Prudentia De Craene
xx Maria Jacoba Pieters
† Sint-Margriete 13 Mar. 1880

Prudentia was born in Sint-Margriete on 13 Apr. 1842, the daughter of Vincentus Constantinus De Craene and Seraphina Paqueur.

Augustinus was a chairmaker by profession and at the time of their wedding his bride was a labourer.  She died in Sint-Margriete on 8 Oct. 1871.

Augustinus married again. His second bride was Maria Jacoba Pieters.  She was born in Sint-Laureins on 11 Dec. 1845, the daughter of labourer Jan Francies Pieters and Seraphina Staelens.

Maria Jacoba married again in Sint-Margriete on 1 Aug. 1881 to Petrus Joannes Van Verdegem.  He was born in Watervliet on 10 Jan. 1843, the son of Philippe Van Verdegem and Marie Louise Beyts.  He was already the widower of Rosalie De Jaeger who died in Watervliet on 31 Jan. 1880 and of Sofie De Jaeger who passed away also in Watervliet on 8 Jan. 1881.

The children of Augustinus Wiendy and Prudentia De Craene:

  1. Philomena Margarita Wiendy
    ° St-Margriete 13 Oct. 1864
  2. Vitalis Wiendy
    ° Sint-Margriete 20 July 1866
  3. Camille Ferdinand Wiendy
    ° Sint-Margriete (Dorp) 29 June 1869

The children of Augustinus and Maria Jacoba Pieters:

  1. Julia Margarita Wiendy
    ° Sint-Margriete 29 July 1873
    † Sint-Margriete 11 Aug. 1873
  2. Marie Mathilde Wiendy
    ° Sint-Margriete 3 Sept. 1874
    She was a maid servant.
    She married in Watervliet on 4 May 1898 with man servant Alexander Plasschaert.
    He was born in Watervliet on 2 Mar. 1873, the son of Karel Louis Plasschaert and Rosalia Grijp.
  3. Theofiel Wiendy
    ° Sint-Margriete 6 Oct. 1877
    † Sint-Margriete 29 Oct. 1877
  4. Rosalia Margarita Wiendy
    ° Sint-Margriete 14 Oct. 1878
    † Sint-Margriete 5 Nov. 1878
  5. Louisa Margarita Wiendy
    ° Sint-Margriete 18 Jan. 1880
    St-Margriete 5 Apr. 1880

The parents of Augustinus
Petrus Bernardus Windhey and Maria Van De Rostijne

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