The Windey family coming from the Waasland in East-Flanders, BelgiumDeze blz in het nederlands

Charles Louis Windey

fs. Hugo Windey and Stephanie Lampaert

° St-Margriete 16/4/1879
x Sint-Jan-in-Eremo 21/2/1901 Emerentia Maria van Leeuwe
† Sint-Margriete 15/11/1949

He was a merchant by profession but according to his death certificate he was a cattle dealer.
His wife Emerentia Maria van Leeuwe ran the farm.  She was born in Sint-Jan-in-Eremo on 13/7/1873, the daughter of Karel Joannes van Leeuwe and Hortentia Angelina Roegiers.
Charles Louis and Emerence both passed away in Sint-Margriete, he on 15/11/1949 and she on 5/11/1959.

The children of Charles Louis and Emerentia:

  1. Hugo Bernardus Windey
    ° Sint-Margriete 17/6/1901
    Hugo was cattle dealer.
    He married Celina Haertjens.
    She was born in Watervliet on 11/1/1911, the daughter of Petrus Carolus Haertjens and Virginie Louise Menu.
    They both died in Ypers, he on 28/11/1989 and she on 25/5/1998.
    They have two daughters:
    • Georgette Windey
      x Marcel Vanhoutte
      We found him on the website of Erik Lamote.
      They have a son who is married and who has a son and a daughter.
    • Lisette Windey
      x Gilbert Beun
  2. Florida Maria Windey
    ° Sint-Margriete 13/2/1903
    † Sint-Margriete 7/3/1904
  3. Petrus Leonardus Windey
    ° St-Margriete 7/3/1905
    x Adrienne Coppejans
    Eeklo 19/3/1992
  4. Gerarda Margarita Windey
    ° St-Margriete 1/4/1906
    x St-Margriete 25/4/1931 Gaston Theofiel Ludovicus Van Vooren (° St-Denijs-Westrem 9/7/1896), son of Gustavus Van Vooren and Maria Cornelia Vandegehuchte.  Gaston was custom officer.
  5. Theodorus Windey
    ° Sint-Margriete 16/5/1908
  6. René Karel Windey
    ° Sint-Margriete 7/5/1912
    x St-Laureins 17/4/1945 Marguerite Van Damme (° St. Laureins 14/2/1921 - † Brugge 2/8/1979)
    She was the daughter of Julien Richard Van Damme, bicycle maker, and Celina Edmonda Declercq.
    † St. Laureins 27/12/1991

Below a picture of the family made before 15/11/1949.

Click on the image below to see a larger copy of it. 
Charles Louis Windey, Emerence Van Leeuwe and their children
Click on the image below to see a larger copy of it. 
Charles Louis Windey, Emerence Van Leeuwe and their children

The parents of Charles Louis: Hugo Windey and Stephanie Lampaert

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