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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

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You can now search this entire website.  With the help of we have added a search engine.  Search this entire website now for any word or phrase you please.

But please note: if you search for  After a couple of years  you will also get all the pages containing the word "of" except if you put your search string in double quotes:  if you search for "After a couple of years"  (the words surrounded by double quotes), it will find only the pages in which these five words are written in exactly that order.

If you search for Mary M. Noe you might be disappointed because most of the time we wrote Noë instead of Noe.  That's how my father and his father wrote our name so that's how I write it and there will be no apologies for that.  If you like you can copy and paste "Noë" from here into the search text box.

And Freefind now also allows Boolian searches: if you search for James AND Joyce that should limit the noice.

Finally if you search for James Joyce No Freefind should find something for you.  But if you search for "James Joyce No" between quotes it won't.  Or rather: it should now only find this here page.

A last caveat: dates are always in the day month year format and the year is nearly always four digits.

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Should you find a link with your family on this website, please contact us:  we will be glad to add a hyperlink to a website about someone mentioned here.

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Adrianus (B IIIa)
Agnes Margarita
Amelie, fa Ferdinand
Antonius Franciscus (B Va2)
Arthur Aloysius (B VIIId1)
August (C VIIb)
August (C VIIIa)
August, fs Francies (B VIIb)
Bernardus Aloysius (B VIIIe)
Carolus Ludovicus
Dominicus (B VIIId2)
Edward (B VIIIa)
Emiel (C VIIIc)
Emiel Stefaan (B IXa)
Ferdinand (B VIc)
Ferdinand (B VIIc)
Francies (B VIIb)
Franciscus Marianus (A V)
Franciscus Antonius (B Va4)
Franciscus (C V)
Franciscus (D II)
Ivo Franciscus (C VIIa)
Georgius, fs Matthias (B IIb)
Hendrik (D I)
Henri (C VIIIb)
Henricus (D III)
Jacobus, fs Ferdinand (B VIc)
Jacobus Bernardus (B Vb)
Jan (A I)
Jan (A II)
Joannes (B IIIc)
Joannes (C II)
Joannes (C III)
Joannes Franciscus (A IV)
Joannes (B VIIe)
Josephina Benedicta
Judocus (B II)
Judocus (B IVb)
Jacobus (C IV)
Judocus (C V2)
Livinusfs Hendrik
Louisa Coleta
Martina Emiel (B IXa)
Martinus (B Va3)
Martinus, fs Adrianus
Matthias (B I)
Matthias (B IIb)
Petrus (A III)
Petrus (B IIIb)
Petrus (B IVa)
Petrus (B VIIa)
Petrus (B VIId)
Petrus (C I)
Petrus (D IV)
Petrus Emmanuel (B Va1)
Petrus Joannes (B VIa)
Petrus Joannes (C VI)
Petrus (B VIb)
Rosalie fa Petrus (B VIId)