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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

Jacobus Noë

fs Ferdinand Noë (B VI c) and Seraphina Francisca Verdeghem     brother of  Joannes Franciscus

° Boekhoute 10/3/1857
x Assenede 3/5/1880 Nathalie Clementina Sienack
xx Ath 8/4/1890 Celina Maria Boquet
xxx 13/9/1907 Emilie Calcus
† Eeklo 15/12/1925

Like his nephews and nieces he received free schooling in the municipal school from schoolyear 1865-66 up until 1870-71.

On 3/5/1880 he married Nathalie Clementina Sienack in Assenede.  She was born there on 2 April 1860, the daughter of Petrus Sienack and Lucia De Smet.  Jacob was a stoker on the railways and Nathalie a servant.
She was only 23 years old when she died in Antwerp on 9/5/1883.

Jacob remarried in Ath on 8/4/1890 with Celina Maria Boquet.  She was born in Mainvault (now part of Ath) on 20 January 1862, the daughter of Pierre Joseph Boquet et Adèle Degaudez.  When Celina died in Ath on 12/2/1902 her widowed mother still lived in Mainvault.

But Jacob returned to his Meetjesland and on 13/9/1907 he married for a third time.  His bride was Emilie Calcus who was born in Bousignies on 11/7/1881, the daughter of August Calcus and Florina Bouquet.  Emilie died on 3/2/1953 in Elsene (Ixelles in French, one of the many suburbs, now an integral part of Brussels).  We wonder where and when Jacobus himself passed away.

Jacobus had two daughters:

By his first wife Nathalie Sienack:

  1. Helena Lucia Noé
    ° Borgerhout 28/4/1881
    (The civil servant writes Noé instead of Noë and gives 'mechanic' as the job of the father.)
    x Philemon Redel
    Helena spent the last years of her life in a home run by Sisters in Antwerp.  She died there about 1970.  Her husband had died in Antwerp about 1950.  Their only daughter, Margaretha Redel, was born in Antwerp about 1904 and had died there about 1930.

By his second wife Celina Maria Boquet

  1. Margareta Emilie Noë
    ° Ath 23/8/1900
    She was married in Eeklo on 4/8/1919 to Philemon Antoon Van De Putte, who was born there on 15/7/1896.  He was the founder of a great electrical goods shop established on the Market Square in Eeklo.  He was also the founder and chairman of the Eeklo Football Club.  He had been an ex-Serviceman and POW of WW I (imprisoned in East-Prussia Stalag 1.A).  He died in Eeklo on 28 June 1971 and she followed him into eternity a mere 6 weeks later on 11/8/1971.
    The children of Philemon and Margareta:
    • Roland Pieter Jaak Filemon Van De Putte
      ° Eeklo 2/2/1922
    • Jaak Dieter Modest Van De Putte
      ° Eeklo 5/5/1928

Many thanks to Mrs. Marie-Christine Vandevelde for extra information.

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