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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

B VII b     Francies Noë

fs Petrus Joannes and Carolina Van Den Bossche
brother of  Petrus (B VII a)

° Adegem 14/6/1828
x Oostwinkel 27/6/1861 Ursula Mussche
Ursel 15/6/1873

When Petrus Noë (B VII a) was almost three years old he received a brother called Francies.  Francies was barely 5 years old when he lost his mother.  He was brought up by his 2 elder sisters and later by his stepmother.

He married Ursula Mussche who was born in Ursel on 16/2/1835, the daughter of Jan Baptist Mussche and Bernardina Ronse.  Here (thanks i.a. to Sara Noe Coblin who lives in California) we have a copy of Ursula's birth certificate.
But before her marriage, on 14/1/1876 she gave birth in Adsegem to a son Henricus Mussche.
She was a labourer.
Francies and Ursula first lived in the Peperstraat ("peper" = "pepper") in Eeklo, then in Bellem and then in the Vrekkem quarter in Ursel but after the death of Francies in 1873 she moved to Adegem and then to the Eindeke quarter (Small End) quarter in Kaprijke where she died on 6/1/1903.

Ursula gave Francies seven children:

  1. Florence Noë
    ° Eeklo 23/8/1862
    She married in Eeklo on 26/11/1885 with Bruno Lippens who was born in Lembeke on 30/9/1848, the son of Livinus and Angelina Van Hecke.  He was a weaver.
    But before that, on 27/5/1884, she had given birth in Eeklo to a daughter Marie Louse, who was recognized by Bruno on their wedding day.
    They first lived at the Balgerhoekstraat, 35 in Eeklo but on 3/6/1891 they moved to Adegem.
    Florence lived in Zandvleuge when she died in the Brugschestraat in Eeklo on 24-1-1900.
  2. Emma Maria Noë
    ° Bellem 11/9/1864
    She married in Kaprijke on 11/2/1886 with Joris Francies Roegiers.  He was a labourer, born on 25/7/1847 in Lembeke, the son of Francies Roegiers and Victoria De Pape.  In 1891 they lived at Vrombautstraat, 15 in Eeklo.  And that is where Joris Francies died on 6/1/1898, mourned by 3 sons and 1 daughter.
    One of these sons was Camillus Roegiers, born in Kaprijke on 9 January 1887.
    The Venesoen Reports tell us something about August and Camile Roegiers:
    on 4/3/1905 August Roegiers leaves aboard the "Finland".  He goes to his uncle August Noë in Moline, Illinois, U.S.A.; he was 17 years old, from Eeklo, farmer.  He had 75 franks in his pocket.
    And on 26/8/1905 Camile Roegiers leaves for America on the "Vaderland", he was 18 years old, from Eeklo, day laborer.  He also goes to his uncle Auguste Noë, in Moline, Illinois.  Camil has 100 franks on his person, he speaks Flemish.  Were they the sons Joris and Emma ?
    In 1900 we find Emma at the Vrombautstraat, 42.  She was then registered as a shopkeeper.  She also brought up Edmond De Baets, the son of her younger sister who had died in 1904.
    In 1912 she emigrated to New York with her stepson and daughter.
    She died in Erie, Illinois on 8 March 1929.  Here, courtesy of Mrs. Judi McDowell we show you her funeral card printed by the Gazette van Moline.
  3. Maria Josepha Noë
    ° Bellem 25/4/1866
    She married Leonardus De Baets who was 3 years her senior and by whom she had one son Edmond.
    She died at the Eindeke quarter of Kaprijke on 29/11/1904 while her husband was in the USA.
  4. August Noë
    ° Ursel 24/4/1868
    x Kaprijke on 8/6/1898 with Marie Louise Van De Wattijne
    xx Annawan, Illinois 22/8/1910 Sophie Van Hootegem
    † Moline, Illinois 17/6/1946.
  5. Petrus Noë
    ° Ursel 10/1/1870
    † Ursel 30/9/1890
  6. Jan Baptiste Noë
    ° Eeklo 12/3/1871
    He never married.  He died in the convent at Kaprijke on 27/6/1907.
  7. Marie Louise Noë
    ° Ursel 6/1/1873
    † Ursel 19/1/1873

Many thanks to Mrs. Marie-Christine Vandevelde for supplementary information.

Petrus Joannes Noë (B VII b), Francies' father

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