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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

B V a4     Franciscus Antonius Noë

fs. Petrus Noë (B IV a) and Maria Theresia De Bue
brother of  Petrus EmmanuelAntonius Franciscus and of  Martinus

° Eeklo 3/3/1757
x Eeklo 21/5/1787 Anna Judoca Rubbens
† ?

The sixth son of Petrus was born on 3 March 1757 and baptized the next day.  His godparents were Hieronimus Franciscus Vanderlinde and Maria Anna De Pauw.

He was 30 years old when he married in Eeklo on 21/5/1787 with Anna Judoca Rubbens, the 26 year old daughter of Joachim Rubbens and Joanna Theresia Vlericks.  She was baptized in the Saint-Salvator Church in Ghent but now lived in Eeklo.  They were both illiterate.  Indeed so was his father.

Franciscus grew up under the rule of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and he married under the rule of Joseph II.  The end of the 18th Century and the beginning of the 19th Century were quite turbulent times.  Over a period of a few years our country changed between Austrian and French rule several times.  On 10 July 1794 the French invaded Eeklo and took everything they could lay their hands on, especially grain, horses and other lifestock.  And when they could find nothing else to steal they imposed very heavy war taxes.

The population was so impoverished that in desperation even the most virtuous started thieving.  On 1 October 1795 our country was officially annexed and incorporated into France. Napoleon decided that Eeklo was from now on to be part of the Scheld Department and promoted to capital of the district.  It also received a tribunal.  The living standards of the inhabitants of Eeklo gradually improved but alas not for long: Napoleon lost at Waterloo in 1815 and now for better or worse North and South were reunited into one Kingdom under Willem I of Orange and the sulking French no longer bought the products of our people.

The wedding act of his first son states that he, Franciscus died in Oostwinkel but so far we have not found the actual date (and place ?) of his death even though a lot of time was spent searching for this information.
Anna Judoca died in Adegem on 2 January 1834.

They had two children:

  1. Petrus Joannes Noë (B VI a)
    ° Eeklo 16-10-1789
    x Oostwinkel 1/1/1814 Carolina Van Den Bossche
    xx Adegem 15/11/1836  Petronella Coleta Delcourt
    † Watervliet 12/12/1874
  2.  Joannes Noë
    ° Eeklo 25/2/1792
    So far we have found nothing further on him.

His father, Petrus (B IV a)
His brother, Petrus Emmanuel
His brother, Antonius Franciscus
His brother, Martinus

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