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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

Carolus Ludovicus NOE

son of Vincentius Noë and Thecla Francisca Rabaut

° Eeklo 25-5-1797
x Ghent 29-10-1819 Petronella Theresia Thienpont
† Ghent 16-4-1851.

He was married in Ghent on 29-10-1819 to Petronella Theresia Thienpont, who was born in Heusden on 17 February 1801 the daughter of Lieven and Catharina Volckaert.  Carolus Ludovicus was a weaver, he lived in the little Nederscheldekaai in Ghent and could sign his name.  His wife was laborer and before their wedding she lived in the Citadel in Ghent.

In 1825 he was knife-grinder and lived in the Crommen Essche in Ghent; in 1825 he was butcher and in 1826 he was day labourer; in 1827 he was a barber and in 1831 he was innkeeper and lived on the other side of the Antwerpse Poorte; in 1845 we find him back once again as butcher in the Sint-Gillisstraat.

He died there on 16 April 1851.  His demise was registered with the authorities by his brother-in-law Livinus Volckaert, a day labourer who also lived in the Sint-Gillisstraat.  Petronella died in Ghent on 14/3/1859.

The children of Carolus Ludovicus and Petronella Theresia:

  1. Sophie Anna Noë
    ° Ghent 12-10-1820 at 3 o'clock in the morning.
    On 31-12-1851 she married Carolus Rosseeuw in Ghent.  He was about her age (born on 25 February 1820) and came from the Groenstraat in Ghent.  He was the son of Philippus Joannes and Marie Caroline Contriau.  Like his father Carolus was a brazier (someone who makes copper pots and utensils).  He was the widower of Maria Ludovica Janssens.  Sophie Anna was butcher and lived in the Sint-Gillisstraat in Ghent.  Carolus died in Ghent on 10-2-1891 and Sophie also in Ghent on 24-3-1903.
  2. Ferdinand Frans Noë
    ° Gent 27-2-1822 at about 22 hrs.
    He was married in Ghent on 17-9-1845 to Joanna Francisca De Vogelaere, who was born on 15-10-1808 in Nevele the daughter of Jan Baptist and Joanna De Smet.  Ferdinand was also a butcher and at the time of his wedding he was living in the Annonciadenstraat in Ghent.  His wife, a dressmaker, died in their abode in the Nederscheldekaai in Ghent on 7-2-1861.
  3. Eugenie Francisca Noë
    ° Ghent 13-3-1827
    She was married in Ghent on 20-7-1864 to Alexander Maes.  He was born in Vrasene on 29-9-1811, the son of Franciscus and Catharina De Schepper.  He was a gardener from the Priesterstraat and she was a butcher who lived in the Slijpstraat.  Alexander died in Ghent on 28-8-1879 and his widow died also in Ghent ten weeks later on 5-11-1879. Their demise was reported to the authorities by their son in law Emilius Waldack, a 43 year old merchant who lived nearby in the Kleine Dokken. (Small Docks).
  4. Maria Antonia Noë
    ° Ghent 25-10-1837
    She was married in Ghent on 5 June 1867 to Jacobus Franciscus Dick.  He was born in Zwijnaarde on 2-12-1841, the son of Joannes Baptist and Coleta Francisca Soenen, farmers. landbouwer.  She was a butcher and lived in the Akkergemstraat in Ghent. Her brother in law was one of the four best men at their wedding.  She died in Ghent on 6-1-1883 at about 18 hrs. in her lodgings. By then her husband was also a butcher.
  5. Adrianus Josephus Noë
    ° Ghent 26-11-1823
    † Ghent 13-9-1825
  6. Hypolitus Noë
    ° Ghent 20-2-1825
    † Ghent 17-4-1826
  7. Julia Louisa Noë
    ° Ghent 30-3-1834
    She was married on 5-11-1873 to Franciscus Destoute, a butcher who was born in Huise on 29.3.1845 the son of Leo and Julia Van De Woestijne.  He lived in the Pollepelstraat in Ghent and was the widower of Catharina Francisca Perdaen.  Julia was... surprise, surprise, a butcher and before their wedding she lived in with her parents in the Akkergemstraat.
  8. Adelaide Caroline Noë
    ° Ghent 12-9-1835

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