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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

B II b     Matthias Noë

fs Matthias and Marie Van Acker      brother of Judocus (B II a)

° Eeklo 21/4/1657
x Eeklo 3/8/1677 Catharina Cromheecke
† Waarschoot 14/1/1696

Matthias was their fourth son.  Laurentius Van Landtschoot was his godfather and Petronella Vanden Broecke was his godmother. When Matthias was 6 years old he lost his mother and from 1670 on he was brought up by his stepmother Marie Willems.

A year after the death of his father and a week after the wedding of his sister Georgia he married in Eeklo.  His bride was Catharina Cromheecke.  He was barely 20 years old and she was 22.

He worked the farm of his father in the Oostveld (Eastfield) in Eeklo but between 1690 and 1696 the family moved to Waarschoot-Beke.

The last quarter of the 17th Century was a period of almost permanent war.  France and the other great powers clearly had it in for our regions and our country was again and again under occupation.  The death of King Charles II of Spain in 1700 was followed by the War of the Spanish Succession which meant more troops passing through our country and for our people that meant plundering and the destruction of their property.  This war ended with the Peace of Utrecht in 1713 when our regions became part of the Austrian Empire.

Matthias and Catharina certainly didn't have a quiet life: they knew all about the scourge of war. He died on 14 January 1696.  Catharina survived him by more than 30 years.  She died on 11/11/1727 at her daughter Adriana's place in the Weststraat in Waarschoot.

Their children:

  1. Maria Noë
    ° Eeklo 30-7-1678
    She was married in Waarschoot on 28/4/1703 to Cornelius de Meyere.
    † Waarschoot 26/1/1706
    From this marriage:
    • Catharina de Meyere,
      born in Waarschoot on February 3, 1704, christened there on February 3, 1704 (the godparents were Joannes van Wassenhove and Catharina Cromheecke).
    • Judocus de Meyere,
      born in January 1706,
      died in Waarschoot on 1 October 1706.
  2. Judoca Noë
    ° Eeklo 1-7-1681
    † Eeklo 1-7-1681
  3. Joannes Noë (B III c)
    ° Eeklo 12-9-1682
    x Lovendegem 30-4-1701 Martina De Neve
    St Laureins op 24-9-1750.
  4. Petrus Noë (B III b)
    ° Eeklo 30-12-1685
    x Bassevelde 1-7-1713 Joanna Hebbrecht
    xx Martina De Schipper
    Boekhoute 28-8-1765
  5. Georgia Noë
    ° Eeklo 8-9-1688
    † Eeklo 22-12-1689
  6. Adriana Noë
    ° Eeklo 24-11-1690
    She married Judocus De Groote in Waarschoot on 7/4/1710.
    They had 2 sons and 3 daughters.
    They exploited their own small farm of 70 rods in the West Road in Waarschoot and rented a few more acres from "den aermen", a local government commission set up to take care of the poor.  They didn't have a horse, but they had a labourer to whom they owed 1-8-10 pounds and 6 shillings when Judocus died on 9/12/1748 in Waarschoot. (48)
    Adriana was midwife.  She helped a lot of people also in nearby Ronsele.  She was also illiterate.  Here is her "mark":

    This is the mark  +  of Adriaene Noê, widow of Joost de Groote son of Jan.

Many thanks to AG for the additional information on Maria Noë.

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