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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

The NOË Family

from the Meetjesland

in Belgium

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Alas !  How swift the moments fly !
How flash the years along !
Scarce here, yet gone already by,
The burden of a song,
See childhood, youth, and manhood pass,
And age with furrowed brow;
Time was—Time shall be—drain the glass—
But where in Time is now ?

John Quincy Adams,  The Hour Glass


Dear Cousin, dear Visitor,

You may find here a very free translation with commentary of part of a book written in Dutch by Marijn Claeys and privately published in 1990.

(Those of you who come here now and again, you can skip directly to the General Overview of our Noë family.)

This book is all about the Noë family from the "Meetjesland".  The Meetjesland is in Flanders, in Belgium between Brugge (Bruges), Ghent and the Dutch border.

Part of the book only because it is not our intention to publish here a lot of information on living persons.

Commentary because we'll try to expatiate on things which the book assumes the Flemish reader knows because he knows more about the region and he speaks the language.

This site was first published on 6 December 2001 and on 12 January 2002 most of the genealogical information was here.  And since the day the genealogy of the Noë's was here we have been busy adding other family trees and more about the history of our country and lots of pictures.  You can check here for information on recent updates of this site.

A word of thanks to Mr. Marijn Claeys.  He gave me a few projects.  That led to other more challenging projects.  And very interesting projects they turned out to be.  Without them I would probably never have learned much anything about the country that was home to my ancestors and about computers and the internet.  All that has been very very important for me.

Many thanks also to Mrs. Marie Christine Vandevelde.  For many people it is not an easy thing to rub someone with his nose in his errors.  Thanks to her a whole lot of errors have disappeared from this website.  Not to mention the titbits of information that she uncovered to help us complete the enormous puzzle that some call our roots.

And finally there is Mr. Tilman Hausherr.  His free Xenu Link Sleuth checks for broken links.  It has helped us tremendously.  His information about an American cult is also worth looking into.  Many thanks Herr. Hausherr !

Thank you for your visit.  We hope you enjoy it.

Please note:
date formats throughout this work are day/month/year,
always the day before the month as is the habit in our country.

Grand Dieu, ce n'est pas une cause
Que j'attaque ou que je défend...
Et ceci n'est pas autre chose
Que l'histoire d'un pauvr'enfant.
Edmond Rostand

Hendrik Noë, the earliest ancestor we found

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1613 map   Part of a 1613 map of part of what is now our Meetjesland

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From 'On Time', The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

The current background image on these pages was adapted from something Estelle Noë wrote to her brother Gerard in October 1923, when calligraphy was still considered important in school.  Here you can admire an unretouched copy of her writing.

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Adrianus (B IIIa)
Agnes Margarita
Amelie, fa Ferdinand
Antonius Franciscus (B Va2)
Arthur Aloysius (B VIIId1)
August (C VIIb)
August (C VIIIa)
August, fs Francies (B VIIb)
Bernardus Aloysius (B VIIIe)
Carolus Ludovicus
Dominicus (B VIIId2)
Edward (B VIIIa)
Emiel (C VIIIc)
Emiel Stefaan (B IXa)
Ferdinand (B VIc)
Ferdinand (B VIIc)
Francies (B VIIb)
Franciscus Marianus (A V)
Franciscus Antonius (B Va4)
Franciscus (C V)
Franciscus (D II)
Ivo Franciscus (C VIIa)
Georgius, fs Matthias (B IIb)
Hendrik (D I)
Henri (C VIIIb)
Henricus (D III)
Jacobus, fs Ferdinand (B VIc)
Jacobus Bernardus (B Vb)
Jan (A I)
Jan (A II)
Joannes (B IIIc)
Joannes (C II)
Joannes (C III)
Joannes Franciscus (A IV)
Joannes (B VIIe)
Josephina Benedicta
Judocus (B II)
Judocus (B IVb)
Jacobus (C IV)
Judocus (C V2)
Livinusfs Hendrik
Louisa Coleta
Martina Emiel (B IXa)
Martinus (B Va3)
Martinus, fs Adrianus
Matthias (B I)
Matthias (B IIb)
Petrus (A III)
Petrus (B IIIb)
Petrus (B IVa)
Petrus (B VIIa)
Petrus (B VIId)
Petrus (C I)
Petrus (D IV)
Petrus Emmanuel (B Va1)
Petrus Joannes (B VIa)
Petrus Joannes (C VI)
Petrus (B VIb)
Rosalie fa Petrus (B VIId)