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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

Georgius Noë

fs Matthijs and Marie Van Acker     brother of  Judocus

° Eeklo 13/2/1655
x Joanna Mahieu
Maldegem 10/2/1689

His godfather was Georgius Van Acker and his godmother was Paschasia Buyts.  Before his 20th year he was married to Joanna Mahieu (or Mahiens).  We don't know the exact date of his wedding but we do know that a son of his died in the Spring of 1685 when he was not yet 11 years old.  That no doubt means Georges was married before 1675 and that was early for men in those days.  Let's not forget they came of age at 25.

They had at least 4 children, none of which grew to adulthood. Georges died in Maldegem on 10/2/1689, a few days before his 34th birthday.  And 4 days later his son Martinus also died.

The estate reckonings were made no less than 3 years after his death and it is a classic example of bureaucratic negligence and carelessness: they speak about Joris (the Flemish nickname for Georges) Noel and his widow Janneken (nickname for Joanna) Mattheus.  And a few lines further down they call her brother, the maternal guardian, Marten Mahieu.  As Jooris had died 3 years before they didn't remember the exact date of his demise so they only put the month and the year.

Like so many others Jooris and Janneken were small crofters and the auction of their possessions realized barely 16 pounds and on 28/5/1689 Jacques De Zuttere estimated the timber and wood, the land and the manure at only 38-2-2 pounds.  That, we are told, was approximately the value of 2 horses and 5 cows.  We also learn from this document that the deceased had no land or other real estate when he married and that none had been bought since "... den overledenen nochte sijn besittighe gheene gronden van eirfven ofte andere immeubele goederen en hebben te huywel(yck) gebracht nogh eene staende het selve op hun sijn ghesuccedeert nochte bij heml. gheconquesteert...".

Joanna then married Guillelmus De Wulf but she died in Maldegem on 13/4/1703 aged 48.  Guillelmus remarried on 13/6/1703 with Francisca Heyndrickx, who, after his death on 15/4/1704 remarried with Frans Van Hecke.  Francisca died in Maldegem on 25/6/1716.  She was 46 years old.

The children of Georgius and Joanna:

  1. Georgius Noë
    ° about 1674
    Maldegem 7-3-1685
  2. Judoca Noë
    ° about 1679
    † Maldegem 5-9-1685
  3. Martinus Noë
    baptized Maldegem 25-2-1684
    Maldegem 14-2-1689
  4. Cornelius Noë
    baptized  Maldegem 10-2-1687
    † Maldegem 29-10-1700

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