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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

B V a3     Martinus Nowe

fs Petrus (B IV a) and Maria Theresia De Bue;
brother of Petrus EmmanuelFranciscus Antonius and of Antonius Franciscus

° Eeklo 30/11/1754
x Bassevelde 2/5/1798 Maria Anna Verhelst
Kaprijke 8/10/1814

Here we find the only instance of the name Noë preceded by "De" and this prefix was dropped later.  Martinus Greyp and Cecilia Biebuyck were his godparents.

He was 43 years old when he married in Bassevelde with Maria Anna Verhelst, the daughter of Petrus Verhelst and Joanna Laurentia Mussche.  She was born in Assenede on 3 May 1771 half an hour after midnight and the same day baptized.  (The chaplain—vicepastor—wrote: Die 3tia Maij 1771 baptizavi sub conditione Mariam Annam f:am Petri Joannis Verhelst ex Bassevelde et Joanna Laurentia Mussche ex Assenede conj natam hac noctem medio prima.  Suscep Petrus Coene et Joan de Vligere.)  Sub conditione means they feared for the life of the newborn and had her baptized in all haste.
She was therefore almost 17 years younger than her husband.  They farmed in the Moerstraat in Kaprijke where Maria Anna gave birth to 8 children.

The youngest of these children was only 14 months old when Martinus died in Kaprijke on 8/10/1814.  His widow died in Sint-Jan-in-Eremo on 25/3/1832.

Their children:

  1. Maria Theresia Noë
    ° Kaprijke 7 ventose VII (25/2/1799)
    Thanks to Mr. Geert de Baets and his niece Mary Gardner-Karcher we can now show you Maria Theresia's birth certificate. Mary is a direct descendent of Maria Theresia.  Here you can find out more about this and about Mary Catherine Theresia Calsyn.
    Maria Theresia Noë was married in Kaprijke on 12/10/1821 to Petrus Joannes De Clerck, son of Franciscus and Anna Van Meenen.  He was 18 years older than his bride.  He died in Watervliet in 1865.
    Maria Theresia died in the Kerselaar (Cherry tree) quarter of Kaprijke on 23/7/1881 at her son Bruno's place.  Bruno was a master cartwright.
    She had 12 children with Pieter Joannes De Clerck.  One of them Anna Maria De Clerck (1842-1892) was married to Carolus Ludovicus Van Zele (° Bassevelde 18/8/1830 - Lembeke 26/2/1918)
    For more details we refer you to the marvelous website of Mary Gardner-Karcher.
  2. Petronella Theresia Noë
    ° Kaprijke 21 nivose IX (11/1/1801)
    † Kaprijke 22/12/1812
  3. Anthonius Bernardus Noë
    ° Kaprijke 1/6/1803
    † Kaprijke 29/7/1803
  4. Jacobus Bernardus Noë
    ° Kaprijke 7/6/1805
    † Kaprijke 30/7/1805
  5. Monica Noë
    ° Kaprijke 1/11/1807
    † Kaprijke 25/1/1808
  6. Petrus Jacobus Noë
    ° Kaprijke 1/11/1807 twin brother of Monica
    † Kaprijke 11/2/1808
  7. Seraphina Noë
    ° Kaprijke 26/1/1811
    She married in Kaprijke on 30/4/1840 with Carolus Franciscus Goethals.  He was born in Kaprijke on 15 prairial VIII (4/6/1800) the son of Engelbert Goethals and Maria Anna Cauwels.
    At the time of his wedding he was shopkeeper and she was a maidservant.  .He died in the Moerstraat in Kaprijke on 30/4/1880.  And 10 years later on 17 January Seraphina died at number 12 Moerstraat, the farm of her son Seraphien.
  8. Rosalia Noë
    ° Kaprijke 12/8/1813
    † Kaprijke 18/4/1816

Many thanks also to Mrs. Marie-Christine Vandevelde for additional information.

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