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Martinus Noë

fs Adrianus (B III a) and Petronella Verbanck       brother of Petrus (B IV a)

° Lovendegem 8/7/1726
x Kaprijke 23-5-1747 Georgia Van de Veire
xx St.Jan-Bentille 27-4-1756 Elisabeth De Muynck
xxx Eeklo 1-9-1767 Dorothea Theresia Vandenneste
† Eeklo 1782

He received the first name of his godfather Martinus Van Hecke.  His godmother was Joanna Aerts.

Like his older brother, he married when still fairly young: not yet 21 years old.  That was in Kaprijke and his bride was Georgia Van de Veire, 15 years his senior.  She died there on 16/2/1756 and was buried without religious service.  Which means that Martinus was not exactly a rich man.

Two months later, on 27/4/1756 in St.Jan-Bentille he married Elisabeth De Muynck (or De Munck).  She was born in St. Laureins on 21/12/1724, the daughter of Livinus and Arnoldine De Priel.  She gave him 4 children and died 4 months after the birth of her last child.  She was buried in St Jan with a chanted mass.

Martinus then married a third time.  This time in Eeklo.  With Dorothea Theresia Vandenneste.  She gave him 2 children.  They both died in Eeklo, he in 1782 (death certificate # 963) and she on 14/12/1795 aged 63.

His children:

  1. Maria Jacoba Noë
    ° Kaprijke 12/11/1748
    She married Franciscus Cobert, who was 34 years older than her.  He was from Drongen near Ghent.  But he was not born there.  Maria died in Eeklo on 8/9/1782, seven days after the birth and two days after the death of her daughter Theresia.  She was buried with a chanted mass.
  2. Anna Maria Noë
    ° Kaprijke 28/1/1752
    † St. Jan 16/1/1768
  3. Joannes Franciscus Noë
    ° St. Jan 15/5/1757
    † St Jan 27/9/1757
  4. Joannes Franciscus Noë
    ° St. Jan 12/10/1758
    Married in Eeklo on 4/4/1780 with Joanna Jacoba Gauditiabois.  She was born in Ursel but lived in Eeklo, the widow of Franciscus Versluys.
    On 29/4/1780 Francies (as he was commonly known) sold to Joanne Van Mulleman, the widow of Jan Huysman, a house "with more carpentry, hedges and trees on 61 rods in the Blommekes neighborhood" in Eeklo, to the north of Zandvleuge, a property that came from the first husband of Joanna Jacoba. (SAE 850 p. 32)
    † St-Jan-in-Eremo 13/12/1781
  5. Cornelius Noë
    ° St Jan-Bentille 21/11/1761
    Married in Sint-Jan-in-Eremo on 13/8/1792 to Maria Catharina Fische.  She was born in the Walburga-parish of Antwerp on 14/8/1752, the daughter of Joannes Philippus and Catharina Van den Broeck.  She knew how to sign the register.  She was the widow of Pieter De Waegenaere.  Though already in her 40's she gave birth to two children.  But unfortunately both died young.
    Cornelius passed away in St.Jan-Bentille on 17-8-1799.  Maria Catharina married a 3rd time.  Her third husband was Pieter Van Basselaere.  She was a widow once again when she died at 89 years of age in St. Jan-in-Eremo on 2/3/1841.
    Two sons:
    • Cornelius Noë
      ° St. Jan 23-7-1793
      † St. Jan 28-9-1815
    • Petrus Jacobus Noë
      ° St. Jan 25-9-1794
      † Sint-Jan-in-Eremo 21/11/1794
  6. Maria Anna Noë
    ° St Jan 20/2/1767
    † Eeklo 24/11/1768
  7. Petronella Theresia Noë
    ° Eeklo 5/12/1768
    † Eeklo 23/12/1768
  8. Maria Carolina Noë
    ° Eeklo 11/10/1771
    † Eeklo 25/4/1780

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