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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

A V     Franciscus Marianus Noë

fs Joannes Franciscus (A IV) and Maria Anna De Dobbelaere

° Boekhoute 17/2/1767
x Bassevelde 4/2/1806 Petronella Theresia Pauwels
Bassevelde 10/5/1834

Six weeks after the death of his father he got married to Petronella Theresia Pauwels who was the daughter of Livinus Pauwels and Maria Livina De Schepper.  She was born on 5/4/1775 in Bassevelde.

They farmed in the Nieuwe Boekhoutestraat in Bassevelde.

On 25/5/1812 Franciscus bought in Boekhoute a piece of land of 3 ha 52 a and 84 ca "au quartier Kasteel, tenant du nord la rue dite Stadhuisstraetjen" (in the Castel district touching to the north on the City Hall Street).  And two months later he sold this for the same price to his two sisters, his brother-in-law and his sister-in-law who all farmed in Boekhoute.

On 12 December 1818 he sold to his sisters Maria Anna and Joanna Francisca for the sum of 491 francs and 2 cents his part, 1 ha 72 a 30 ca, in a parcel of land in the St. Janspolder in Assenede which he had inherited from his father.

He was also called Franciscus Maximilianus.  He died in Bassevelde on 10 May 1834.  His widow also died there but more than 15 years later at the age of 75.  They had no children.

The same year all their property in the Kapelle (Chapel) region of Boekhoute was already sold:

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