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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

D IV     Pieter Noë

fs Henricus and Joanna De Sutter

° Assenede 3/4/1752
x Assenede 27/10/1795 Francisca Schauwers
† Assenede 23/2/1814

The only son of Henricus to continue this Noë branch was born in Assenede on 3/4/1752.  He remained on the parental farm.

His half-sister and his 4 sisters were already married when on 27/10/1795 he finally also married.  His bride was Francisca Schauwers from Oosteeklo.  She was the daughter of Joannes Schauwers and Maria Civil.  She was 20 years younger than her husband and would give him 9 children.

Napoleon reigned over our regions until 1815.  Every year a lot of farmers and labourers were called upon to accomplish an assignment for the Emperor.  Perhaps cattle had to be delivered to the soldiers, or Frenchmen had to be transported to Cortryk ("vervoeren de franschen naer Cortrijk") or animal feed had to be taken to a ship in Zelzate ("fourage leveren to Selsaete in een schip").  In spite of the fact that Francisca had just become a widow, she was asked on 14 May 1814 to take animal feed to Ghent the next day.

The opening words of these requests, of all official documents in fact, was always as follows:

"Napoleon, par la Grâce de Dieu et Les Constitutions de La République, Empereur des français et Roi d'Italie, à tous présens"
"Napoleon, by the Grace of God and The Constitutions of The Republic, Emperor of the french and King of Italy, to all present"

On 23/2/1814, a few months after the birth of his youngest child Petrus died in Assenede.  He was nearly 62 years old.
Francisca died on 12/2/1845 aged 73 in the Danckaertseke quarter which is between Muyken and Stoepe.

They had 9 children yet none continued this branch of the Noë family.

  1. Joanna Noë
    ° Assenede 11/9/1796
    She didn't marry and died at Danckaertseke 35 in Assenede on 8/1/1862.
  2. Petrus Bernardus Noë
    ° Assenede 5/10/1798
    † Assenede 12/10/1798
  3. Jacobus Noë
    ° Assenede 4/7/1800
    † Assenede 18/8/1804
  4. Marie Noë
    ° Assenede 3/5/1801
    She married in Assenede on 6/8/1828 with Pieter Bernard Monaers. He was then a 26 year servant from Oosteeklo, the son of Pieter Monaers and Coleta De Wispelaere. Like her mother Marie was a spinner.
    She died in Assenede on 11/11/1887.
  5. Joannes Noë
    ° Assenede 7/10/1802
    † Assenede 1/11/1802
  6. Monica Noë
    ° Assenede 30/12/1804
    We have no other information on her.
  7. Joannes Noë
    ° Assenede 22/2/1807
    He was a labourer.  He didn't marry and had no children.
    He also died at Danckaertseke in Assenede on 6/1/1873.
  8. Petrus Noë
    ° Assenede 21/3/1809
    Like his brother Joannes he didn't marry and had no children.
    Also like his brother he was illiterate.
    He was a farm labourer.  He died in his home town on 9 March 1901 aged 92.
  9. Caroline Noë
    ° Assenede 18/6/1813
    † Assenede 6/7/1820

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