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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

B VIII e     Bernardus Aloysius Noë

fs Ferdinand (B VII c) and Philomena Bral

° Boekhoute 20/12/1877
x Eeklo 13/10/1906 Adelaide Mettepenningen
† Ghent 7/4/1957.

He married in Eeklo on 13/10/1906 with Adelaide Mettepenningen who was born there on 10/1/1882 as the daughter of Henri Mettepenningen and Philomena Naessens.

Bernard began his working life as a labourer on the railways and worked his way up.  He played the accordion (concertina).  He also liked to sing and he sang well.

Their marriage came to an end after more than 50 years with his death in the Bijloke in Ghent on 7 April 1957.  Adelaide died at her daughter's place in Ghent on 17 December 1959.

They had a son and a daughter:

  1. Emiel Stefaan Noë (B IX a)
    ° Eeklo 20/10/1907
    x St.-Amandsberg 23/10/1929 Gilberta De Smet
    † Ghent 16/11/1991.
  2. Martina Ernestine Noë
    She was born in Eeklo on 28/10/1912.  She married Cyriel Dewulf who was born in Detroit (USA) in 1913.  Cyriel died on 22 September 2001 and Martina passed away on 14/11/2008.  They have a son and a daughter.
Martina and Emiel Stefaan Noë Martina and Emiel Stefaan.

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We are most grateful to Mr. Freddy Noë for much of the information and for all the pictures we have here on Bernardus Aloysius and his descendants.

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