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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

B III b     Petrus Noë

fs Matthias (B II b) & Catharina Cromheecke
brother of  Joannes (B III c)

° Eeklo 30/12/1685
x Bassevelde 1/7/1713 Joanna Hebbrecht
xx Martina De Schipper
Boekhoute 28/8/1765

He was the eldest son of the Noe-Cromheecke family.  He was baptized on New Year's day and his godparents were Joannes Colpaert and Petronella De Meyer.  A few years later the family moved to Waarschoot-Beke where in 1696 his father would die.

When Petrus married the worst of another war was behind them.  Our regions were now part of the Austrian Empire under the reign of Charles VI, Holy Roman emperor since 1711.  He tried to arrange everything for his succession but failed to really to take care of his empire i.a. due to the numerous wars he fought.

He died in 1740 and was succeeded by his eldest daughter Empress Maria Theresa who together with governor Charles of Lorraine, her brother-in-law would rule wisely over our country for 40 years.  And once again our country prospered and especially our agriculture was an example for all Europe.

During this period the potato became popular in our country.

Petrus married in Bassevelde on 1 July 1713 with Joanna Hebbrecht fa. Joris.  But on 20/1/1724, barely 10 years after their wedding, Joanna died in Bassevelde.  She was only 33 years old.  She had given birth to 5 sons, three of whom were still alive.

And as usual after the death of a parent of under age children estate reckonings was made up. They had no real estate.  They had a right to a seventh part of approximately 14 acres of land which father Joris had bought during his marriage with Andriesijne Van Bruyssel but to which the latter still enjoyed the usufruct.  Petrus and Joanna clearly were poor because the value of their goods was estimated at 46-5-7 pounds of which 31-10-0 pounds was for their 66 sheep.  All the rest of their possessions was of little value.  Almost 10 pounds still had to be paid for the rent of 1723 to Ingelbert Pauwels and Pieter De Vreese.  The estate reckonings closed nevertheless with a positive balance of 31 pounds.

In June 1725 Petrus had only 20 sheep left but he now also had a cow.  He informed the mayor and town councillors of the Boekhoute Corporation who were ultimately responsible as the overseers of the guardians ("oppervoogden"), that he would do his utmost to take care of his three orphaned children.

Petrus remarried after a few years with Martina De Schipper, the daughter of Joannes.  She was from Watervliet and she was 16 years younger than her husband.  And she also gave him 5 children.

Martina died in Bassevelde on 3/11/1759.  And Petrus died in his eightieth year on 28/8/1765 in Boekhoute in the house of Judocus, the only son of his to continue this Noë branch.

The children of Petrus Noë:

From his first marriage:

  1. Georgius Noë
    ° Bassevelde 24/4/1714
    † Bassevelde 28/4/1714
  2. Joannes Noë
    ° Bassevelde 6/4/1715
    † Bassevelde 21/3/1718
  3. Jacobus Noë
    ° Bassevelde 13/7/1717
    Bassevelde 17/12/1730
  4. Joannes Noë
    ° Bassevelde 15/9/1720
    In the Summer of 1743 Joannes made a request to the Mayor and Town Councilors, who are ultimately responsible as super guardians of orphans, to be declared of age because of "sijne bequaemheyt", his ability, capacities.  He wanted to run his own affairs.  His father fully agreed with his request.  Both signed with a cross.  The emancipation was granted with one proviso: he was not allowed to sell or mortgage his land without their previous consent.
    End 1746 or early 1747 he married Maria Anna Burgghrave and at the beginning of 1748 she gave him a son but Joannes died at the end of that same year.
    Their son
    • Pieter Noë
      ° Watervliet 17/1/1748
      Grandfather Petrus and Martine Vandesteene were the godparents.
      We have no further information on him.
  5. Petrus Noë
    ° Bassevelde 9/8/1723
    † Bassevelde 15/3/1726

From his second marriage to Martina De Schippper:

  1. Judocus Noë (B IV b)
    ° Bassevelde 5/2/1729
    x Bassevelde 14/4/1755 Petronella Duytschaever
    xx Boekhoute 17/7/1767 Maria Catharina Van Zele
    xxx Assenede 18/9/1784 Joanna Maria Vincke
    Boekhoute 9/6/1785
  2. Georgia Noë
    ° Bassevelde 21/2/1734
    † Bassevelde 23/2/1734
  3. Joanna Livina Noë
    ° Bassevelde 4/4/1735
    † Bassevelde 23/4/1735
  4. Franciscus Noë
    ° Bassevelde 22/4/1736
    † Bassevelde 12/11/1740
  5. Joanna Maria Noë
    ° Bassevelde 21/2/1739
    † Bassevelde 18/10/1739

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