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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

D III     Henricus Noë

fs Franciscus and Petronella Sabo

° Assenede  2/4/1702
x Assenede 2/5/1733 Livina Francisca Mattheeus
xx Assenede 28/7/1749 Joanna De Sutter
† Assenede 20/6/1775

He was named after his grandfather who was also his godfather.  His godmother was Barbara Pieters, married to his uncle, Franciscus Sabo. He married in Assenede on 2 May 1733.  His bride was Francisca Mattheeuws, the daughter of Jacobus Mattheeuws and Pieternelle Van Ypre.  She was also the widow with 3 sons of Jan Vandevelde.

She gave him one daughter.  She died on 31/5/1749 and was buried with a medium religious service.  About two months after her death, on 28/7/1749, Henri remarried.  His new bride was Joanna De Sutter.

They lived on a farm which was the property of Master daene ("jonckheer daene") and the heirs of Mister Colins, lawyer ("dhoirs van den heer avocaet Colins").

While married to Henricus, Joanna, together with her brother Lieven sold their part

"... in a farm with a house and a barn with the green and the dry wood on it and with about 900 rods of land belonging to it and divided into 2 parcels, one situated next to the other in the aforementioned city of Assenede, Danckaertseecke district... and also another field of approximately 900 rods situated in the parish of Oosteecloo... altogether for the sum of 200 pounds."
"... in een behuysde en beschuerde hofstede met de groene en droge cathyllen daer op staende alsmede ontrent de drij gemeten lants daer mede gaende, in 2 stucken d'een aen d'ander gestaen ende geleghen binnen de voorseyde stede van Assenede, wijck van Danckaertseecke... ende nogh ontrent de 3 gemeten geleghen op de prochie van Oosteecloo... t'saemen voor en omme de somme van 200 ponden."

In fact "groene en drogen cathyllen" meant all the fixed accessories such as hedgerows, fences, enclosures and the like which were on the farm and never sold separately.  That didn't include the fruit trees.  Neither did it include the poplars one saw on so many farms until fairly recently.  These had to be lopped and otherwise maintained by the tenant but the timber was the property of the owner of the farm.

Hendrik had 2 horses, 4 cows, 2 yearlings, one calf and 2 pigs.  A man and a cowherd helped him on the farm where he grew wheat, oats, buckwheat, barley, peas, linseed, beets, clover and potatoes.

Hendrik died in Assenede, aged 73 on 20/6/1775.  His estate reckonings closed on a positive balance of 430 pounds.

Two months after his death, on 29 August 1775 Joanna remarried with Ambrosius Mattheeuws, the son of Guillelmus Mattheeuws and Martina Dhondt.  He was born there on 7/12/1743.  Ambrosius' brother Joannes and Petronella Noë, Joanna's stepdaughter were the witnesses.  Perhaps Joannes, the best man, was impressed with the Noë family because 5 years later he married Joanna's daughter, Caroline Noë.

Ambrosius died in Assenede on 2/12/1794.

Hendrik's children:

from his marriage to Francisca Mattheeuws:

  1. Petronella Noë
    ° Assenede 18/3/1736
    She married in Assenede on 4/5/1762 with Jacobus De Schepper, a labourer of about her age.
    She died there on 25/9/1808 and he died on 4/8/1821.

Hendrik's children from his marriage to Joanna De Sutter:

  1. Petrus Noë(D IV)
    ° Assenede 3/4/1752
    x Assenede 27/10/1795 Francisca Schauwers
    † Assenede 23/2/1814
  2. Carolina Noë
    ° Assenede 17/1/1755
    She married in Assenede on 18/1/1780 with Joannes Mattheeuws who was 10 years her senior.  He was born there on 19 December 1745 as the son of Guillelmus Mattheeuws and Martina Dhondt.  His older brother Ambrosius was his bride's stepfather.  She gave him 7 children.  He died in his home town on 2/7/1796 aged 51 years.
    She then married Cornelis Van Hijfte who also died before her.
    She died in her home town on 20/3/1833.  Even though she was 78 years old, the official death certificate stated that her occupation was spinner.
  3. Joanna Livina Noë
    ° Assenede 10/1/1758
    She was registered as labourer.  She first married Livinius Jacobus Kerckaert from Kluizen. He was 51 years old when he departed this life in Boekhoute on 9/3/1794.
    She then married Jacobus De Dobbelaere in Boekhoute on 24/6/1794.  Hij died at Waterdijk on 12/10/1804, only 38 years old.
  4. Maria Anna Noë
    ° Assenede 9/12/1760
    She married in Assenede on 30/11/1784 with Pieter Dhooge who was born there the son of Jacobus and Maria Van Kersavere. His profession then was miller but he was a baker when he died in Boekhoute on 1/5/1818.
    She died in the home of her brother-in-law Francies Casimir Buyck in the Kapellepolder on 9/10/1835 at noon. Her 50 year old miller son Jan Baptiste Dhooge came to the town hall to register her death.
  5. Maria Jacoba Noë
    ° Assenede 12/12/1763
    She married in Assenede on 18/7/1786 with Jacobus De Pauw, the son of Francies and Petronella De Vos.  He was 6 years older than his bride. They farmed in the Muykem district.
    Jacobus died there on 18/6/1837. She had preceded him into eternity on 23/5/1831.
  6. Elisabeth Noë
    ° Assenede 7/9/1770
    † Assenede 7/12/1771
  7. NN born and died in Assenede on 20/12/1772
    "Obiit in partu" (died during delivery) wrote the village priest.

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