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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

C I     Petrus Noë

son of  Hendrik Noë

° ?
x St. Kruis-Winkel 8/10/1654 Petrina De Vos
xx St. Kruis-Winkel 17/5/1665 Margaretha Dielman
xxx Barbara Hamers
St. Kruis-Winkel on 24/8/1676

We come across Petrus filius Hendrik for the first time in 1654.  On the 8th of October of that year he gets married in St. Kruis-Winkel to Petrina (also called Petronella) De Vos filia Jan.  His brother Henricus Noë and his brother-in-law Gasparus Van Ever were the best men.  We don't know when Petrina was born.  We know how old Petrus was when he died and that's how we know he must be born about 1627.  Their marriage was blessed with 5 children but only two survived into adulthood.  Petrina died in St. Kruis-Winkel on 12/2/1665.

On 17/5/1665, three months after the death of Petrina, Petrus remarried in St. Kruis-Winkel. His bride was Margaretha Dielman (also called Dillemans).  On 2 January 1666 she gave him a daughter but she died barely 4 weeks later on 31 January.

Petrus remarried a third time.  We don't know yet where and when this happened but his new bride was Barbara Hamers, the daughter of Joannes. She was 21 years younger than Petrus and she was barely 20 years old when she had her first son.  Three more were to follow.

Petrus died in St. Kruis-Winkel on 24/8/1676.  He was only 49 years old. Only 3 of his 10 children were still alive.  Barbara remarried with Christoffel Drieghe.  She was 39 years old when she died in St. Kruis-Winkel on 20/1/1687. In that year 1687, in the space of 5 months died also Petrus' daughter Anna, his son Lieven and his daughter-in-law Elisabeth Bochaute. And Christoffel followed them into eternity 2 years later, on 1/2/1689.  He was 46 years old.

In Petrina's estate reckonings we read that they had bought a small homestead of approximately 78 rods.  They'd had to borrow some money for that purchase from the Seigneur of Assenede to whom they had to pay an annual interest of 3 shillings and 4 grootten.

And from her side they had inherited a field of about 260 rods.  In order to keep this property they had to pay an annual interest of 20 shillings for a loan from Miss Livine Valcke of Ghent.  They also inherited from her side  half a field ("een half stuck lant") of about 200 rods. And for this they owed an annuity of 10 shillings to "Advocaat" Sompel also from Ghent.

Petrus' children from his first marriage to Petrina:

  1. Maria Noë
    ° St.Kruis-Winkel 14/12/1655
    † St.Kruis-Winkel 25/1/1663
  2. Anna Noë
    ° St.Kruis-Winkel 30/9/1656
    She married Petrus Van Hijfte.  She died in Kluizen on 23/3/1687, two months after her stepmother.
  3. Joannes Noë (C II)
    ° St.Kruis-Winkel 22/7/1658
    x Zelzate 31/10/1684 Elisabeth Bochaute
    xx Zelzate 10/7/1687 Joanna Gentbrugge
    xxx Zelzate 6/9/1692 Joanna De Meulenaere
    † Zelzate 12/2/1706
  4. Jacobus Noë
    ° St.Kruis-Winkel 5/7/1660
    He died before his mother, i.e. before 12/2/1665.
  5. Petronella Noë
    ° St.Kruis-Winkel 5/1/1665
    She died before she was 6 weeks old.

Petrus' child from his second marriage to Margaretha Dielman:

  1. Joanna Noë
    ° St.Kruis-Winkel 2/1/1666
    Died shortly after birth.

Petrus' children from his third marriage to Barbara Hamers:

  1. Petrus Noë
    ° St.Kruis-Winkel 27/2/1668
    His godmother was Elisabeth Noë, the daughter of Matthijs Noë from Zaffelare, who was a brother of Hendrik, the father of Petrus.
    He died before his father.
  2. Livinus Noë
    ° St.Kruis-Winkel 21/3/1669
    He died in the home of his halfbrother Joannes in Zelzate on 10/5/1687, barely a week after Joannes' wife Elisabeth Bochaute.
  3. Judocus Noë
    ° St.Kruis-Winkel 14/8/1671
    † St.Kruis-Winkel 30/7/1672
  4. Judocus Noë
    ° St.Kruis-Winkel 7/9/1675
    St.Kruis-Winkel 17/9/1675

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