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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

C V 2     Judocus Noë

fs Jacobus Noë and Livina De Bilst       brother of  Franciscus

° Assenede 22/7/1752
x Assenede 13/11/1787 Angelina Petronella Cathelijn
† Assenede 28/10/1811

He was 35 years old when he married Petronella Cathelijn.  She was the daughter of Joannes Cathelijn and Maria Anna Buyck, born in Lembeke on 8/3/1756.  They farmed in the Triest district, the highest part of Assenede.  They had a footman and a maid in 1795.

Judocus died on 28 October 1811 at 10 o'clock in the morning, six months before his 82 year old mother.  His brother Francies and his oldest son came to register his death.  Angelina died in Assenede on 27/8/1828.

They had 6 children:

  1. Jacobus Noë
    ° Assenede 28/1/1788
    According to the military lists he was 1.68 m (5 ft 5) tall.  In 1808 he drew Number 71 and was called up for military service on 29/9/1808.
    On 29/5/1815 he left for Sas-van-Ghent (just across the border in the Netherlands) and 4 years later, on 20/10/1819 he was married there to Antonia De Vriendt who was born in Ertvelde on 10/2/1794,  the daughter of baker Carolus Franciscus De Vrient and Maria Catharina De Smet.  He was a publican (inn-keeper).
    Both died in Sas-van-Ghent, and both were aged about 43: he passed away childless on 1/2/1831.
    And Antonia died on 16 April 1837.
  2. Petrus Joannes Noë
    ° Assenede 23/3/1789
    In 1809 he was called to the town hall for the draw which would determine who were to serve their country or rather France the occupying power.  He drew Number 15 which meant he would be called up for military service. His personal description: blond hair, blue eyes, rond forhead, small nose, small mouth, round chin, oval face, pale skin. He was definitely found fit for service and that's the last thing we have managed to find out about him.
  3. Joanna Maria Noë
    ° Assenede  9/8/1790
    She married in her native town on 14/7/1815 with Joannes Franciscus De Wever.  He was a farmer, 13 years older than his bride.  They farmed in the Stoepe district where Joannes died on 26/7/1848 and Joanna on 27/12/1856.  They had at least two daughters: Melanie and Sophie who joined Francisca Noë in the Ter Kaarden Convent.
    Melanie was born in Assenede on 19/10/1824.  She arrived at Ter Kaarden on 8/2/1860, received the habit on 4/2/1861, took the vows on 28/7/1861 and died on 23/2/1902.
    Sophie was also born in Assenede on 23/3/1826.  She entered Ter Kaarden Convent on 2/6/1855, received the habit on 9/6/1856 and took the vows on 10/5/1857.  She died on 7/11/1914.
  4. Francisca Noë
    ° Assenede 23/5/1792
    † Assenede 6/7/1795
  5. Lucia Noë
    ° Assenede 9/4/1794
    She married there on 2/11/1820 with Pieter Genbrugge, a 27 year old farm worker, the son of Judocus and Petronella Joanna De Munck.  She was registered as a charwoman on her death in Ertvelde-Stoepe on 5/1/1856.  Pieter died there too on 23/3/1861.
  6. Ferdinandus Josephus Noë
    ° Assenede 20/3/1797
    We found no personal description of him.  He was registered as domestic servant.
    He presented himself at the military office of Assenede in 1816 and drew unlucky Number 32 but was declared unfit for service due to rhumatism on the right hand.  But the military council disagreed and declared him fit.  He was never called up.
    Like his older brother he went to Sas-van-Ghent in the Netherlands and married there on 27/1/1824 with Albertina Joanna Dierickx, who was born in Westdorpe (the Netherlands) on 17 March 1799.  They were labourers.
    Albertina lived in Sas-van-Ghent after Ferdinand's death on 21/6/1848, until her 82nd birthday, when she moved in with her daughter Amelie in Aardenburg (just across the border from St Margriete in the Netherlands Zeeland).  And there in Aardenburg she died on 23/11/1885.
    They had 5 children:
    • Desiré Noë
      ° Sas-van-Gent 27/3/1824
      † Aardenburg 12/8/1824
    • Antonia Noë
      ° Sas-van-Ghent 29/8/1825
      † Sas-van-Ghent 13/12/1825
    • Amelie Noë
      ° Sas-van-Ghent 29/11/1826
      x Aardenburg 29/4/1857 Francis Jacobus De Brouwer.
      Assenede 8/7/1911.
      Francies was 56 years old when het passed away.
    • Anthonius Ferdinandus Noë
      ° Sas-van-Ghent 6/8/1829
      † Sas-van-Ghent 4/4/1830
    • Jacobus Noë
      ° Sas-van-Ghent 23/10/1830
      † Sas-van-Ghent 22/10/1903.
      He was an unmarried labourer.

We are most grateful to Mrs. Cecile Vanooteghem for information on Melanie and Sophie De Wever, on Francisca Noë and other nuns and beguines of the family.
We are most grateful to Mrs. Marie-Christine Vandevelde and the website "Zeeuwen Gezocht" (Zeelanders wanted) for more information on Francis De Brouwer and Jacobus Noë.

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