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The NOE family from the Meetjesland in East-Flanders, Belgium

The de Pape family from Kaprijke

Jean-Bernard de Pape was born in Bassevelde on 27 September 1738.  He was married to Petronille de Maere.  Both died in Bassevelde in 1830, the year of Belgium's independence, he on 6 January 1830 and she on 6 April at the grand old age of 93.

Their seven children were all born in Bassevelde:

  1. Marie-Jacqueline
    She was born on 1 January 1774.
    She was married to François Corthals.
  2. Pierre-Bernard.
    Born on 8 March 1777.
    See below.
  3. Jean-Dominique
    ° 26 July 1779
  4. Angeline
    She was born on 1 October 1780.
  5. Engelbert
    Born on 15 November 1782.
  6. Jacques-François
    Born on 4 February 1786.
  7. Sophie
    Born on 4 February 1788.


Pierre-Bernard de Pape was born in Bassevelde on 8 March 1777.  He was married to Jeanne-Thérèse de Causemaecker.  He died in Bassevelde on 26 April 1862.
Pierre-Bernard and  Jeanne-Thérèse had 7 children, all born in Bassevelde.

  1. Pierre-Bernard de Pape
    Born on 3 December 1803.
    He was married to J.-Amélie van Bogaert from Moerzeke.
    He was medical doctor.
  2. Jean-Baptiste
    Born on 10 October 1805.
    See below.
  3. Engelbert de Pape
    Born on 14 December 1807.
    He was married in Kaprijke on 30 May 1845 to Séraphine-Victoire Claeys.
  4. Angeline-Thérèse de Pape
    Born on 10 August 1810.
    In Bassevelde on 19 May 1845 she married Jean-Baptiste van Acker.
  5. Charles-Louis de Pape
    Born on 5 July 1813.
    He was married to Monique van Acker.
    He died in Bassevelde on 23 February 1893.
  6. Bruno
    Born on 14 May 1815.
    He died young.
  7. Sophie
    Born on 4 December 1818.
    She also died young.


Jean Baptiste de Pape was born in Bassevelde on 10 October 1805.
He was married there to Sophie De Decker (° Assenede 1812 - † Bassevelde 31/3/1875).
She was the daughter of Maximilien De Decker and Françoise De Causmaeker.
He passed away on 25/4/1875 also in Bassevelde, less than a month after her death.
They had 7 children, all born in Bassevelde:

  1. Charles-Louis de Pape
    Born on 24 June 1835.
    He was married to Sylvie Hamerlynck.
  2. Lucia de Pape
    Born on 11 March 1837.
    She died on 11 March 1873, the day of her anniversary.
  3. Sophie de Pape
    Born on 23 July 1838.  She was married to Pierre Hamerlynck.
    She died in Bassevelde on 24 November 1911.
  4. Engelbert de Pape
    Born in Bassevelde on 7 September 1839.
    See below.
  5. Bruno de Pape
    Born on 25 August 1841.
    He was married to Lucie Lybaert.
    He died in his place of birth on 2 November 1919.
  6. Dominicus de Pape
    Born on 10 March 1849.
    Dominique was married in Bassevelde on 30/4/1884 to Dominica Berckmoes (° Bassevelde 21/10/1855).
    Their marriage certificate describes him as farmer and her as seamstress.
    He died in Bassevelde on 9 Sptember 1890.
    A little more than a year after his death Dominica married a second time on 7/11/1891 in Bassevelde with Joannes Braet (° Boekhoute 7/9/1851).  He was then a cartwright by profession and lived in Bassevelde.  Dominica also lived in Bassevelde where she was innkeeper.
  7. Bernard de Pape
    Born on 10 October 1852.
    † 28 May 1885.


Engelbert de Pape was born in Bassevelde on 7 September 1839.
He was married there on 21 October 1876 to Clemence de Langhe.  He died on 15 August 1926.
They had 9 children, all born in Bassevelde:

  1. Léontine de Pape
    Born on 12 December 1877.
    She married Henri Noë on 30 May 1906.
    † Zaffelare on 13/2/1969
  2. Henri de Pape
    Born in Bassevelde on 15 August 1879.
    He was the managing director of N.V. Sylva in Kaprijke.
    He died in Ghent on 18 January 1948.  Here is his funeral card.
    Not married.
  3. Elodie de Pape
    Born in Bassevelde on 27 August 1880.
    On 17 april 1902 she took the vows and became Dame Marie-Geneviève of the Dames Bernardinnes of Audenarde.
    She died in the convent of the town of her birth on 20 February 1946.  Her funeral card..
  4. Arthur de Pape
    ° 3 November 1881
    † Bassevelde 28/12/1881
  5. Marie de Pape
    ° 20 March 1883
    Not married.
  6. Irma Amelia de Pape
    ° Bassevelde (Craaigemstraat) 16 March 1884
    Bassevelde 8 april 1884
  7. Théophile de Pape
    Born on 31 May 1885.
    He was married to Claire Haverbeke in Bassevelde on 28 June 1915.  Clara was born there on 26 January 1891.  Theophiel died in Sluiskil on 7 July 1964 and Clara died in Ghent on 13 December 1976.  Here, thanks to Mrs. Raymond Noë we show you a beautiful photograph of Theofiel and his family.
    Their three daughters were all born in Bassevelde:
    • Gisèle de Pape
      ° 1 March 1916
      x Gilbert Van Peteghem.
    • Gabrielle de Pape
      ° 13 May 1918
      † Bassevelde (W.Z.C. St-Bernardus 21/12/2008.
    • Léa de Pape
      ° 26 May 1919
      x Maurice Van Vooren.
  8. Camille de Pape
    Born on 7 June 1887.
    On 22 April 1918 he married Eugénie Haverbeke.
    Their 4 children were all born in Bassevelde:
    • Hilaire de Pape
      Born on 8 February 1919.
    • Antoine de Pape
      Born on 4 December 1920 and passed away on 2 September 1935.
    • Angèle de Pape
      Born on 31 May 1923.
    • Armand de Pape
      Born on 23 April 1926.
  9. Raymond-Pierre de Pape
    Born on 7 January 1889.
    He was married to Julie Matthys in Geraardsbergen on 4 October 1921.
    Their four daughters were all born in Zeveneken:
    • Marie Isabelle Angèle Clémence de Pape
      Born on 26 July 1922.
    • Monique Marie Henriette Victorine de Pape
      Born on 21 November 1923.
    • Nicole Léontine Marie Juliette de Pape
      Born on 25 August 1925.
    • Geneviève Marie Paul Raymonde de Pape
      Born on 10 December 1931.

Our source for most of the above is "Annuaire des Familles Patriciennes de Belgique", published by Mr. Fortuné Koller, 1943, Editions "La Flambée", Brussels.  Many thanks to Mrs. Raymond Noë, née Irma De Letter, for this document.  Many thanks also to Mrs. Rita Wauters and to Mrs. Marie-Christine Vandevelde for their corrections, updates and extra information.

Here we have a picture of the Noë-de Pape family taken in 1943.
All about Henri Noë (C VIII b)

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